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My Die Cast Models Collecting Life
A very good evening to you suckers.I do hope you suckers have had your dinner.

This post is to talk about my life;my life when i've started collecting die cast models.

There're people coming up to me and tell me that my collection of die cast models are just toys.I have to say that they are not toys as the box clearly states that it's not a toy,instead of an accurate scale model.Die cast models are not suitable for age below 14.Below is a picture for reference:

What got me interested in collecting die cast models is that i fell in love with cars last year during october.My models are mainly Lamborghini.In the beginning,i collect models that are 1:24 in scale,and the make of the models are mainly from Maisto and Bburago.The first ever model that arrived in my garage is the 1:24 Bburago Lamborghini Reventon,which i got it at 22 bucks from Peninsula Shopping Centre,the Levis' Store.It was on 13th October last year.

Three days later,i bought another model from Forum the Shopping Mall,which is a 1:24 Maisto Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.It cost the same as the Reventon i've gotten earlier,which added on to my collection.

It is very addictive,since i love Lamborghini and there're models of Lamboghini for sale.Therefore,i bought two other models which are the 1:24 Bburago Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and 1:24 Bburago Lamborghini Gallardo on the 17th October.

Can't really remember when did i get the next model.However,it is a 1:24 Maisto Lamborghini Murcielago,which is in Verde Ithaca,my favourite colour.Bought it from Metro at CompassPoint,really couldnt resist buying it as i love the colour so much.

After the 1:24 Maisto Lamborghini Murcielago,it's the 1:24 Motor Max Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster.Roadster meaning it is convertible.In real life,the roof of the Roadster has to be fixed on manually like i've said before.Hence,it's not pratical to own a Roadster in Singapore since you might not know when it'll rain.

My 7th 1:24 model is a 1:24 Bburago Lamborghini Diablo.In Singapore,you can hardly see a Diablo just like the Roadster.The Diablo is not in production anymore and it's being replaced by Murcielago.I've only seen a Diablo once in red and it was at the Geely Showroom(some china car brand).

The very last 1:24 model i bought is the 1:24 Bburago Lamboghini Gallardo Superleggera in yellow.Yellow is nice on this car,so that is why i bought it.After this last 1:24 model,i've decided to shift over to collecting 1:18 models which are bigger and more expensive.

This is my entire collection of 1:24 models.


So,after almost two month of collecting 1:24 models,i've shifted to 1:18 models.1:18 models are more detailed.

My first 1:18 model is a 1:18 Maisto Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder,which cost $47.90.Spyder meaning convertible too but as compared to a Roadster,Spyder is more convenient as the roof can be opened and closed by just pressing a button.So,there're more Spyders than Roadster in Singapore.

Second,it is a 1:18 Bburago Lamborghini Murcielago.Alright,actually Maisto and Bburago are cheaper brands for models and not much collectors will collect Maisto and Bburago models.The price of a Maisto/Bburago model is cheap,but the details are not so fantastic.

Next,my third model is a 1:18 Maisto Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.Orange is beautiful for this fabulous car,and i've decided to paint the rims to black colour as it will look even more beautiful.There's a real orange Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 running in Singapore with the same black rims.However,i've accidentally painted away the logo of Lamborghini in one of the wheels.

1:18 Maisto Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is my fourth 1:18 scale model.I remembered i bought it on a monday at Toys R' Us Tampines Mall during break time and brought it back to school for french lecture.There's yellow for this car too,but i've decided to buy this grey one as i already have a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago at home.

Bought this when i was hunting for cars in orchard and went to Forum the Shopping Mall to see some models.This red 1:18 Bburago Lamborghini Murcielago is on sale,and since it's red,why not get it?

This is the very first model i own that is not Lamborghini.It is the 1:18 Maisto Audi R8.Price tag for this model is different,it cost me $60.I'm not quite sure why does it cost more,but just ignored the price tag and bought it since i love Audi R8 too.

This model was given by my friends as birthday present.In real life,only 21 units were made for this car and 1 is in the Lamborghini Museum itself.Noone owns it in Singapore as it is not road legal.It has a nice price tag of 1million pounds.This model is 1:18 Bburago Lamborghini Reventon.

After collecting Bburago/Maisto models,i've decided to collect higher ends cars,which of course they're more expensive.One cost about $150-$250.The make of it is AutoArt and Kyosho.

My first Kyosho and AutoArt models are the 1:18 Kyosho Audi R8 and 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Murcielago.These two models i've gotten are 2nd hand,which cost cheaper.I bought it for $210 in total and they're in mint condition.

The tenth 1:18 model i have is 1:18 Kyosho Audi R8 (red in colour) which is the most expensive model i have.It cost $170 and it is 1st hand,brand new in box condition.Red is fantastic for this car with the black carbon fibred sideblades.

The lastest model that arrived in my garage is the 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Gallardo.The model is out of production now and luckily,i have some good deals which i paid $150 for it.I really love this model a lot,admiring it everyday.The interior is stunning as well!

Alright,the 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Gallardo arrived into my garage after the chinese new year,which means there's no new models added to my garage.This is mainly due to the fact that i dont work now and i'm cash tight for new models.

Maintaining models is a tough job too as they'll tend to collect dust.If a part broke off,you'll have to glue it properly in case the glue drip onto other parts of the model.Worse is that if it's not a clean break,you'll have a hard time to glue it back with obvious break-off markings.

However,die cast models are very realistic.Here are some of the outdoor shots I've taken with my models.






Ever since i've started collecting higher ends models from Kyosho and AutoArt,details of the model is very important to me.Therefore,i'm not really interested in Bburago and Maisto models anymore.I've always wanted an Aston Martin to my collection.One day,i saw a Bburago Aston Martin Vanquish and i would love to buy it.Everything was alright,i don't mind that there's no side windows but the only thing is that there're no brakes calipers.Didn't buy it in the end...

Some detailed pictures of Kyosho/AutoArt models:

1:18 Kyosho Audi R8 : two buttons below to release the spoile and the engine cover

Engine bay of a 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Murcielago

Rim of a 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Gallardo


Interior of a 1:18 Kyosho Audi R8


Interior of a 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Murcielago

of a 1:18 AutoArt Lamborghini Gallardo

During November last year,i was introduced to this forum called the Singapore Die-Caster(SGDC in short)by the founder of the forum.The forummers are all males except for one female.The youngest collector there is 13 years old.I'm among the younger collectors there.The forum holds some outdoor photoshoot from time to time during the year and i've only been to one photoshoot so far.It was held in March and the venue is at Esplanade.

Every outdoor photoshoot has a theme.The March shoot i've attended theme is "R" Bearer which means any models which have the word "R" like Nissan GTR,Audi RS4,etc.I brought my Kyosho Audi R8 for the shoot and during the shoot,most of them brought JDM models and it was more of like a JDM photoshoot.JDM meaning cars that are manufactured in Japan.

Just a few pictures of the photoshoot



This friday,there will be a mid-year cum 3rd year anniversary photoshoot at the F1 pitstop building and the theme is what i like;Exotics cars like Lamborghini,Bugatti,Ferrari and more.I'll be bringing 4 of my models there and they're all Lamborghini.

During photoshoots,we'll get to interact with one another and of course take a look at others' collection.This coming photoshoot,i'm very excited to see the Bugatti Veyron models as one of them is bringing three and i've never seen it before.

Other than major photoshoot,i'll sometimes bring my models out for a mini outdoor shoot.Let me share with you some of the pictures of my night photoshoot.







It's just a pity that it would've looked more real if there's lights on the model.

My entire collection:


On the 10th June 2009,SGDC was on The New Paper,page 44-45 of the sports section for advertising/interview.Being a forummer of SGDC,i'm very proud of it and gotten a copy of The New Paper myself.

That's all i have to blog about in this post,i know it's that a long post.Thanks for reading this post too,it took me four hours to blog this.Do stay tuned for pictures on friday.

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